Free House Inn & Restaurant
Accommodation (five en suite)
Tel 01223 893 844

Sister Pub: The Red Lion Hinxton

Steak Club at The Bull

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Our steak menu is offered alongside our usual menus
A selection of classic steak cuts and rotating guest cuts
Choose your steak, sauce and sides
Particular favourite cuts can be ordered in especially – just call/email us a few days ahead
See a sample Steak Club Menu:   Black Bull Steak Club

Next Jazz Night: 14 July

Jazz at The Bull – no tickets required – courtesy of our local James Marshall Quartet, who are generously donating their fee to the Balsham Community Room Project Fund – playing in the bar to dine or drink to. – inaugural session – Saturday 11th March – was a big hit Next session: Friday 14th July

The Cambridgeshire Cook Book – on sale at both our pubs

The Cambridgeshire Cook Book is a real celebration of the local food scene, with a foreword by Daniel Clifford of two Michelin-starred restaurant, Midsummer House.  Featuring over 40 fantastic recipes from local chefs and businesses, we are delighted that we have been included in it. The perfect gift for anyone local and interested in food. The publishers have got great form,Continue Reading

Speciality Ales

Alongside our own Red & Black Ale we have a great selection of craft beer.  Most frequent favourites are Woodforde’s Wherry and Adnams Bitter. Other regulars include beers from such local breweries as Crafty Beers, Brandon Brewery and Nethergate.

Weddings & Parties

The Black Bull is now available for weddings and party hire.

The Red Lion

Visit our Sister pub, The Red Lion in Hinxton


Red and Black Dining

Our services are being increasingly sought after for private events, whether for a private party in one of our pubs or a special event at home or nearby private venue.


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